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      Ms. Fu has been engaged in legal services such as intellectual property litigation, licensing and strategy consulting, commercial contract disputes, and corporate compliance since 2000 and has handled nearly 6,000 legal cases. She is insightful of the nature of business and adept at providing effective analysis and professional advice from the standpoint of client. Ms. Fu is of an active nature and fond of learning, innovative and strong-minded, and does not give up in the face of challenges and difficulties. She has represented many difficult and complex cases, and has obtained satisfactory results for clients and earned the respect of judges and fellow lawyers. As a team leader, Ms. Fu is willing to share her experience with young colleagues to inspire them to keep a pioneering spirit, blazing new trails. Passionate and committed to her mission, she is an active contributor in a number of industry organizations, providing expertise and support to the development of intellectual property laws and policies worldwide.

      She has provided services to clients across the United States, EU, South Korea, China and other countries and regions, covering pharmaceuticals, chemicals, artificial intelligence, fashion products and many other industries, and earning herself the recognition by many Fortune 500 companies as “wise, communicative, conscientious and trustworthy”.

    Education and Training:

      • Master of International and Transnational Law, Chicago-Kent College of Law

      • Master of Economics, China University of Political Science and Law

      • Bachelor of Laws, China University of Political Science and Law

    Practice Areas:

      1. IPR strategy consulting, IPR management, IPR licensing; 2. IPR affirmation, authorization and infringement litigation; 3. Anti-unfair competition law compliance and litigation; 4. Advertising compliance and consumer rights protection compliance advice; 5. Overseas strategy arrangement and oversea litigation of intellectual property for Chinese enterprises; 6. Civil and commercial contract drafting and review, and civil and commercial arbitration and litigation; and 7. Data security and personal information protection.

    Professional Affiliations:

      • Co-Vice Chairman of AIPPI Global Digital Economy Committee, Chairman of China Branch of Digital Economy Committee

      • Member of INTA Parallel Imports Committee

      • Member of China Academy of Arbitration Law

      • Secretary General of E-Commerce Law Committee of Beijing Lawyers Association

    Working Language:

      English, Mandarin

    Representative cases:

      • Represented a well-known state-owned enterprise in a lawsuit filed by its partner for bad-faith termination of a technical cooperation contract, successfully persuaded the judge to reject all of the plaintiff's claims;

      • Represented a professor at Tsinghua University in an action of breach of contract against a Zhejiang company that breached certain Patent Cooperation Agreement in bad faith, and succeeded in obtaining a ruling rendered by the Supreme People’s Court upholding the judgment of Hangzhou Intermediate People’s Court, whereby the professor managed to terminate the cooperation agreement and recovered his patent rights, remuneration and entitlements;

      • Represented a game copyright licensor in a civil lawsuit against a game operator for violating a cooperation agreement and for refusing to pay commissions for years, and succeeded in forcing the other party to pay the commissions and to settle on reconciliation;

      • Assisted a number of well-known enterprises in formulating strategic guidelines, engaging in negotiations and drafting agreements on matters such as brand alliances and licensing;

      • Represented a listed company in a trade secret infringement lawsuit against its partner for the malicious competition, recovered significant economic losses for the client;

      • Represented the subsidiary of a U.S. Corporation in China filing a trade secret infringement lawsuit against its employee, and the Suzhou Intermediate Court upheld the plaintiff's claims;

      • Represented a well-known Chinese enterprise filing a trademark infringement and unfair competition lawsuit against a repeated infringer. The Guangzhou Intellectual Property Court upheld the plaintiff's claims, recognized that the plaintiff's trademark constitute well-known trademark, and ruled the defendant to compensate RMB 5 million and actual expenses to the plaintiff;

      • Represented a well-known US company in a difficult and complicated civil lawsuit involving specialized knowledge of the foreign trade industry against a cross-border e-commerce platform for malicious importation of infringing footwear products and received full support of Hebei High People’s Court;

      • Represented a well-known German enterprise in a lawsuit against a number of enterprises that committed trademark infringement and unfair competition, and succeeded in forcing the other parties to stop the infringement and pay high economic losses;

      • Represented a well-known South Korean enterprise in an administrative litigation against trademark preemptive registration on which the Beijing High People’s Court ruled that the client’s trademark is a well-known trademark and that the preemptively registered trademark should be invalidated;

      • Represented a number of foreign-related enterprises in reliance of criminal measures to successfully stop the production, sale, import and export of counterfeit and shoddy products in China;

      • Provide data protection and cross-border data transfer solutions for a number of well-known foreign enterprises operating websites in China; and

      • Acting as legal counsel for a number of well-known enterprises to provide them with legal advice in many areas such as anti-unfair competition law, e-commerce law, advertising law, consumer rights protection law, product quality law, etc.


      • 2023 AIPPI China Outstanding Contribution Award

      • 2023-2024 World Trademark Review Recommended Individual

      • Selected as the Outstanding Female Lawyer 2019-2022 by Beijing Xicheng Lawyers Association

      • Talent Pool of Lawyers of the Year of 2021 Specialized in Foreign-related Legal Matters of Beijing Lawyers Association

      • Selected as a Top 50 lawyer on the 2nd List of National Outstanding Intellectual Property Lawyers in 2020