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      Lijia joined NTD for IP legal service since 2013. She practices in the area of IP strategy, litigation and administrative protection, such as trademark administrative litigation and consultation, trademark infringement and anti-unfair competition litigation and consultation, business negotiation, contract drafting and correcting, administrative raid action, customs protection, copyright and software registration, domain name dispute, arbitration legal service, etc., involving trademark, copyright, anti-unfair competition, domain name, contract and other legal aspects.

      Lijia has good knowledge of IP laws and the related regulations, and has mature experience in the professional work. She has successfully helped many domestic and foreign clients to resolve their problems by providing legal analysis, planning coping strategy and taking the legal measurements under instruction, such as BAYER, BASF, INFINEON, DECKERS, TORY BURCH, PHILIPS, KGC, LG, HAUWEI, HONOR, CHINA POST, DONGDAO, UCOMMUNE, etc.

      Due to the excellence in communication and rendering proper legal advice, Lijia is able to provide high quality service to the client and solve the tough problems. As a member of China Law Society, Lijia is also very concerned on the new legal problems arising rapidly, and has published related articles for analyzing. 

    Education and Training:

      • LL.M., Intellectual Property Law, Renmin University of China

      • LLB, BA, South West University Master of Political Science and Law

    Practice Areas:

       Intellectual property strategy consultation, intellectual property litigation and administrative protection

    Professional Affiliations:

      • Member of China Law Society

    Working Language:

      English, Mandarin

    Representative cases:

      • Representative of Renmin University of China, filed trademark invalidation litigations against the trademarks registered in bad faith by copying the university badge and won all the cases. The cases were also regarded as the “Excellent Trademark Cases in 2018-2019”by China Trademark Association, and “Top 10 Judicial Cases for Trademark Authentication in 2019”by Beijing IP Judicial Protection Association.

      • Representative of German BASF won the trademark infringement and unfair competition civil litigation against a company in Zhongshan city of Guangdong province, and won the full compensation of 3 million RMB.

      • Representative of PARKER HANNIFIN won series of trademark invalidation litigations and trademark opposition cases against the squatted trademarks applied or registered in bad faith, so that the client’s trademarks could be registered smoothly.

      • Representative of DECKERS won series of trademark invalidation cases against the trademarks registered in bad by copying the client’s trademarks, so that the client’s right and interest is well protected.

      • Over the years, representative of BAYER took the legal actions against the China company names infringing the client’s trademark and successfully made the companies changed the trade names. Representative of BAYER filed domain name arbitration against the domain names infringing the client’s trademark and all obtain the favorable decisions.

      • Over the years, representative of KGC took administrative enforcement against the sales of counterfeit goods in dozens of cities of about 11 provinces.

      • Over the years, representative of TORBY BURCH, DOROC, TINKEL, etc. took customs enforcement measures.

      • Representative of CHINA POST, DONGDAO, SIHUAN, WIGGENS filed trademark Madrid registration and overseas trademark registrations. 


      • On the List of International Lawyers Talent Pool of Beijing Lawyers Association (2023)

      • Beijing IP Judicial Protection Association “Top 10 Judicial Cases for Trademark Authentication in 2019

      • China Trademark Association “Excellent Trademark Cases in 2018-2019”

    Selected Publications:

      • July 2017,“On the Determination of Recessive Use of Key Words in the sense of Competition”, published on the “The tings about IP”WeChat account.

      • Nov. 2017, “On the Judicial Analyze of Explicit Use of Key Words in the sense of Trademark law”, published on the “The tings about IP”WeChat account.

      • “Analyze the “Change”Activity in the Trademark Passing Off”, published on “Application of Law“ 14th edition in 2019.

      •  May 2020, “Trademark Go Globally Strategy--- Madrid application or Overseas Application”, published on“NTD IP”WeChat account.

      • July 2020, “Basic Exploration on Trademark Overseas Application”, published on “FASHION CHINA”.

      • July 2020, 《NTD CASES丨The trademark cancellation review administrative litigation over the trademark“MATE”under No. 6078396 between Shanghai Guojia Trade Co., Ltd. and CNIPA 》, published on“NTD IP”WeChat account.

      • From Dec. 2020 to March 2021, “Series of interpreting and studying of Some provisions of on IP Civil Litigation Evidence of Supreme People's Court”, published on“NTD IP”WeChat account. 

      • March 2021, “The Difference of Determination of Trademark Similarity and Copyright Similarity in Trademark Administrative Cases”, published on“NTD IP”WeChat account.

      • June 2022, “Ten questions on the legal risks in cross-border commerce”,  published on“NTD IP”WeChat account.

      • Oct. 2022, “New Strategy to Combat with copycat clothing--I”, published on “FASHION CHINA”.

      • Nov. 2022, New Strategy to Combat with copycat clothing--II”, published on “FASHION CHINA”.