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      Lisa Dong has nearly 30 years of experience as an intellectual property lawyer and patent attorney. From 1993 to 1999, she worked at the Electronic Intellectual Property Center of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, engaging in patent law-related work; in 2000, she joined NTD to practice patent law. Lisa has accumulated rich experience in the fields of intellectual property civil and administrative litigation, administrative protection, IP strategy, and IP compliance for multinational companies and well-known enterprises. Lisa has successfully represented DuPont, Bayer, Johnson & Johnson, Nippon Steel, HUAWEI, Shanghai Auto, Great Wall Motor, Panasonic, JDI, Evonik and many other cases of legal disputes on patents, technical secrets, unfair competition, etc. of domestic and foreign enterprises.

    Education and Training:

      • Master of Software engineering, Beihang University

      • J.M., China University of Political Science and Law

      • Sceond Bachelor Degree in Intellectual Property Law, Renmin University of China

      • B.S., Henan University

    Practice Areas:

       Patent civil litigation, patent invalidation proceeding and the administrative litigation thereof;  Intellectual property strategy consultation and FTO assessment;  Non-competition arbitration and litigation.

    Professional Affiliations:

      • Member of All China Lawyer Association

      • Member of All-China Patent Attorneys Association

      • Researcher of Xi'an Arbitration Institute

      • Judicial expert of Beijing Zitu Intellectual Property Appraisal Center (formerly "Expert Committee of China National Patent Attorneys Association")

    Working Language:

      English, Mandarin

    Representative cases:

      • Represented by Ms. Dong, the Dupont v. the former PRB of CNIPA Administrative dispute on the invalidation case of invention patent case has been selected into the book “New development of intellectual property trial of Beijing Higher People's court in 2014”

      • Represented by Ms. Dong, the Works Co., Ltd. v. Teng Tian patent infringement case has been selected as one of the Supreme People’s Court 50 typical IP cases. The judicial rules established in this case refine the applicable standards of the legal source defense in the Judicial Interpretation of Patent Infringement (II), and further explain the boundaries of patent rights.

      • Represented by Ms. Dong, the Helpnow v. Tsinghua Tongfang software patent infringement case has been selected as one of the Beijing Judicial Protection Top 10 cases, which was breaking the statutory limitation of compensation.

      • Represented by Ms. Dong, JDI v. a Chinese large state-owned company, TFT LCD related patent infringement lawsuits, in charge for all the cases in China and cooperating with the lawyers in the parallel cases in US and Japan, effectively help the client to reach a overall beneficial settlement agreement.

      • Represented by Ms. Dong, Panasonic responds to a number of TFT LCD related patent invalidation cases in by a Chinese large state-owned company.

      • Represented by Ms. Dong, Great Wall Motors (GWM) v. Garrett, Turbo related patent patent infringement lawsuits and patent invalidation proceedings, help the client to eliminate the high damages lawsuit threaten of approx. 50M RMB from the competitor.

      • Tong v. Zhejiang Shuangyu, heavy industrial equipment related patent invalidation proceeding appeal lawsuit, selected as Typical Case of the IP Court of SPC in 2019.

      • SAIC Motor v.s. Jiang, non-competition investigation and arbitration, in the circumstance of encountering evidence collection difficulties, successfully help the client to preserve the evidence and win the arbitration, preventing a damage to the client’s competition position.


      • In 2021, Lisa Dong was awarded as one of the “The third China Top 50 outstanding intellectual property lawyers”

      • Also in 2021, Lisa Dong was selected into the talent pool of foreign lawyers of capital Lawyers Association

      • In 2020, Lisa Dong was employed as an expert in “the expert database of Beijing Intellectual Property Office”

      • In 2019, Lisa Dong was appointed as a researcher of Xi'an Arbitration Institute

      • In 2015, Lisa Dong was selected by China Intellectual Property News as "2015 Samsung Patent Attorney of the Year"

      • In 2014, Lisa Dong was awarded as one of the “Beijing Excellent IP Lawyers” by Beijing Lawyers Association

      • Also in 2014, Lisa Dong was awarded as one of the “2012-2014 Beijing Excellent Lawyers” by Beijing Lawyers Association

      • In 2012, Lisa Dong was elected as one of the first group of high-level talents by All-China Patent Attorneys Association