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      Jerry Feng,a partner of NTD IP Attorneys, a member of China Academy of Arbitration Law, was selected as a lawyer in the Talent Pool of Foreign-related Lawyers by Beijing Lawyers Association since 2021. He obtained his master's degree in business in information systems and technology from Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia in 2005 and joined NTD in the year of graduation to engage in legal service in all areas of intellectual property (IP).

      With nearly 20 years of experience in IP legal services, his practice includes providing domestic and foreign clients with legal services in all aspects of trademark prosecution, protection and dispute resolutions; providing domestic clients with overall strategies for trademark registration and infringement risk assessment; providing domestic and foreign clients with copyright registration, protection, infringement analysis and dispute resolution; providing legal services for domain name disputes; providing legal services in ip licensing; providing legal services related to infringement investigation, evidence preservation and litigation.

      He has provided legal services for intellectual property protection for foreign companies such as Snap-On, Hyster, Henkel etc., and also provides detailed legal advice for domestic companies such as SAIC, Ucommune and other famous companies in obtaining IP rights and dispute resolutions in other countries or areas.

    Education and Training:

      • MIST, Macquarie University, Sydney Australia
      • BEc, Capital University of Economics and Business, Beijing China                                                   

    Practice Areas:

       Strategy for enterprises in IP portfolio and protection;  IP litigation  Time Stamp & Blockchain  Enforcements in fairs  Online enforcement & protections

    Professional Affiliations:

      • Member of All China Lawyer Association

      • Member of All China Patent  Attorneys Association

      • Member of China Trademark Association

      • Member of China Academy of Arbitration Law

    Working Language:

      English, Mandarin

    Representative cases:

      • Entrusted by a client to analyze its business scope and trademark registrations, provide trademark portfolio suggestions and potential infringement analysis.

      • Represented Hyster-Yale Group in a lawsuit against an infringer in Shanghai.

      • Represented Thomas Cook in several arbitrations to recover domain names.

      • Represented Henkel in AIC complaint against a trademark infringer.

      • Represented Ohropax in AIC complaint against an infringer’s unfair competition activities.

      • Represented Snap-on to file a complaint with Nantong Public Security Bureau regarding copyright infringement and the court finally sentenced the five criminals.

      • Represented several Korean companies to take infringing links on Taobao down as a yearly project, represented DuPont to take down infringing links on B2B, B2C and C2C platforms (such as Alibaba, Taobao, TMall, etc.) for over 10 years, represented clients from different countries to take down around several thousand infringing links on the Internet annually.

      • Represented Croplife and its member companies to participate exhibitions to take actions against trademark and/or patent infringers during the exhibitions for over nine years.


       2021 Selected in the Talent Pool of Foreign-related Lawyers of Beijing Lawyers Association

    Selected Seminars & Events:

      2022.10.14 Beijing, Legal issues and cases related to NFT in China, held by Mars

      2020.6.11 Beijing, IP issues in Fairs, held by Hubei IP Bureau

      2018.10.25 Beijing, Legal analysis on illegal activities related to pesticides, held by CropLife International

      Analysis on Classified Typical Cases of Unfair Competition on the Internet

      Online Complaint on Taobao

      Protections regarding Three Kinds of Geographical Indications in China

      Acceptability of Trademark Coexistence Agreement during the Stage of Trademark Refusal Review