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      Grace Yu is engaged in intellectual property legal service from 2002, and has provided professional legal service to world-renowned companies like Sony, IBM, Procter & Gamble, Mitsubishi and Motorola etc. She joined NTD in 2014 and focuses on legal services in the fields of intellectual property, contracts, and the internet, including civil litigation, administrative litigation, administration protection, infringement investigation, cyber and data security compliance analysis, intellectual property and commercial contracts etc. 

    Education and Training:

      • Renmin University of China(Master of Law,2010-2014)

      • Beijing Normal University (Bachelor of Science,1996-2000)

    Practice Areas:

       Intellectual property civil litigation, administrative litigation, administration protection, infringement investigation;  Cyber and data security compliance analysis;  Intellectual property and commercial contracts.

    Professional Affiliations:

      • Member of All China Lawyer Association

      • Member of All-China Patent Attorneys Association

      • Member of China Academy of Arbitration Law

    Working Language:

      English, Mandarin

    Representative cases:

      • Representing RIMOWA GmbH (plaintiff) in the patent infringement case against a suitcase manufacturing company of Zhejiang Province, won the second instance which overturned the non-infringement judgment of the first instance, and was selected top ten IP cases in Zhejiang (2019).

      •  "Automobile" design patent invalidation case was selected top ten cases of CNIPA patent reexamination and invalidation in 2022.

      • Drafting privacy policy for a well-known e-commerce platform and providing compliance suggestions for personal information protection.


      • On the List of International Lawyers Talent Pool of Beijing Lawyers Association (2023)

    Selected Seminars & Events:

      2021.11 Seminar on intellectual property protection hosted by Jinjiang Market Supervision and Administration Bureau and Anta Group–“The Influence of Hague Agreement on Enterprise Patent Operation”;

      2022.01 Seminar on intellectual property of fashion industry hosted by China Fashion Intellectual Property Protection Center – “Studies on the System of Partial Design”.

      2023.05 The 10th China International College Student Fashion Week Fashion e-Class  – “Make Good Use of Intellectual Property Rights to Build a Moat of Fashion Design Innovation”

      2023.10 Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology – “Patent Protection for Fashion Innovation”

    Selected Publications:

      1. Exist or Not Exist--Further Discussion on "Combined Inspiration " in Design Patent Validity Judgment,IPhouse(2020)

      2. How to Formulate Privacy Policy under Stricter Supervision,NTD IP Attorneys(2020)

      3. Data Talk in 2021--Financial Data,NTD IP Attorneys(2021)

      4. Data Talk in 2021--Health Care Data,NTD IP Attorneys(2021)

      5. Interpretation of Key Provisions of Personal Information Protection Law,NTD IP Attorneys(2021)

      6. Overview of China Data Laws and Impact on Foreign Companies,NTD IP Attorneys(2021)

      7. Guard Fashion Design with Patent Law,Fashion China(2021)

      8. Further Discussion on IPR of Fashion Design—Seen from the 4th Amendment of Chinese Patent Law,Fashion China(2022)

      9. Application of Article 5 of Patent Law in the Examination of Personal Information Processing, IPhouse(2023)

      10. Patent Open License and the Construction of Its Dispute Resolution System, Commercial Arbitration & Mediation (Issue 1 of 2023)

      11. Copyright of Artificial Intelligence Generated Products from the Perspective of Fashion Design, Fashion China (2023)