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      Mr. Guo joined NTD in 2013, and passed the National Patent Agent Qualification Examination in 2014.  Mr. Guo's practice focuses mainly on patent prosecution. He has successfully represented some major corporations to handle many patent drafting, patent prosecution and reexamination cases covering various technical fields, particularly the fields of pharmaceutical chemistry and chemical biology.

      Mr. Guo received his M.S. degree in Pharmaceutical Chemistry from Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences (CAMS) in 2013. During his study in CAMS, he actively participated in several research projects, involving design, synthesis and activity evaluation of anti-infective drugs, and synthetic methodology development of bioactive compounds.  Before that, Mr. Guo got his B.S. degree in Pharmacy from China Pharmaceutical University in 2010.

      Mr. Guo has published several research papers in his area of expertise, and has a deep insight into the background art in the fields of organic chemistry and pharmaceutical chemistry.  He can thus accurately and thoroughly understand the invention, and provide professional suggestions for patent-related matters.

    Education and Training:

      • 2010-2013, M.S., Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences 
      • 2006-2010, B.S., Pharmacy, China Pharmaceutical University


      Patent Attorney since 2016                            

    Technical Areas:

      Food; Sanitizing products; Pharmaceuticals; Veterinary medicines; etc.

    Professional Affiliations:

      All-China Patent Agents Association                            

    Working Language:

      English, Mandarin

    Selected Publications:

      • Liu Zijie*, Guo Xiaoyong*, Liu Gang. Modified calanolides incorporated with furan-2-nitro mimics against Mycobacterium tuberculosis[J]. Bioorganic & medicinal chemistry letters, 2015, 25(6):1297-1300. (* Authors contributed equally to the work);
      •  Liu Zijie*, Guo Xiaoyong*, Liu Gang. N-Oxide heterocycles and imidazoles replacing ring D of calanolides against Mycobacterium tuberculosis[J]. Chinese Chemical Letters, 2015, 27(1):51-54. (* Authors contributed equally to the work)   
      • Guo XiaoYong, Gang Liu. Scaffold-hopping strategy toward calanolides with nitrogen-containing heterocycles[J]. Chinese Chemical Letters, 2013, 24(4):295-298.