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    NTD awarded Excellent Trademark Agency for the 10th consecutive year


    At the 13th China Trademark Festival in Dongguan, Guangzhou province, organized jointly by China Trademark Association, Guangdong Administration for Market Regulation, People's Government of Dongguan Municipality, NTD was awarded with 2021-2022 Annual Excellent Trademark Agency for the 10th consecutive year.

    During the festival, two case represented by NTD were selected into the list of 2021-2022 Typical Trademark Cases. One case relates to Review of Adjudication on Opposition on Holiday Inn Trademark and the other case relates to ECS (Elite group Computer Systems) Trademark Dispute

    Review case of Adjudication on Opposition on Holiday Inn Trademark

    This case clarifies how a registered trademark becomes the generic name of the goods. It provides for, two conditions of a registered trademark becoming the generic name after losing its distinctiveness. They are generic name defined by the law and conventional generic names. This case is of guiding importance in handling similar cases.

    ECS Trademark Dispute case

    Due to the complexity and difficulty of the legal facts and issues of the case, knowledge of trademark law and contract law are required to review the facts, prepare the evidence and analyze the implementation of contractual obligations and the license of right and obligations. From the perspective of contact law, the legal limit between the trademark infringement and licensed use of trademark is defined which has a demonstration effect on the similar cases.   

    Organized by the China Trademark Association, the Typical Trademark Cases were reviewed and selected by representatives from the China National Intellectual Property Administration, judges from courts and known experts and scholars. These cases are from among the large amount of trademark administrative cases and litigation cases. They can help improve the professional levels, set up examples, lead the professional directions and promote the professional development Selection of NTD cases indicates a high appraisal and affirmation among professionals.

    With steady development in the industry of many years, NTD has grown up into one of the top IP firms in China for our outstanding performance and our good reputation from clients. Based on the core philosophy of “Customer Foremost”, NTD has been dedicated to provide high-quality and high-efficiency service for its clients at home and abroad.