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    NTD Won two Pharmaceutical Infringement Disputes


    The petitioner Warner-Lambert Company's patent titled 2-(PYRIDIN-2-YLAMINO)-PYRIDO [2,3d]PYRIMIDIN-7-ONES (NO. ZL03802556.6, hereinafter referred to as the patent involved) was violated by a company in Shandong province (the defendant). Recently, the first instance judgment was given by the Shandong Provincial People's Court Template, in which the Warner-Lambert Company, represented by NTD, won the case. The defendant was ordered to immediately stop manufacturing, promising for selling and selling the alleged infringing products, and compensate the economic losses and reasonable expenses for the plaintiff. The decision has come into force. The defendant also made a public apology on China Pharmaceutical News, and promised to stop infringing the patent right.


    The NTD Chemistry and Biotech Practice Group led by Mr. Christopher Shaowei and Mr. Fei Kou helped Warner-Lambert to win the case with our professional skills. The Palbociclib (IBRANCE) is a patented medicine of Pfizer used to treat breast cancer. Warner-Lambert Company, as the patentee, owns the right to exploit the patent including but not limited to palbociclib bulk drug and palbociclib capsule. The acts of manufacturing, promising for selling and selling palbociclib bulk drug and palbociclib capsule on Chemical Book without permission have infringed the patent right. The quick and efficient settlement of the case has purified the business environment and protected the legitimate rights and interests of the patentee in China.


    Moreover, as a part of the comprehensive IP protection strategy, the NTD Chemistry and Biotech Practice Group also represented Warner-Lambert to win a favorable administrative decision against a certain company in Jiangsu province.


    The company was ordered to stop selling the alleged infringing palbociclib products. The decision has come into force. The above two infringements relating to bulk drug patent were quickly and efficiently stopped. In the context of strengthening pharmaceutical intellectual property rights, the NTD Chemistry and Biotech Practice Group has successfully handled multiple pharmaceutical patent infringements, unfair competitions, online biding disputes, and pharmaceutical patent linkage disputes. On such basis, NTD will further explore the comprehensive, multi-channel and customized IP protection strategy for the innovators in the field of medicine.


    Christopher SHAOWEI

    Christopher has been with NTD for more than 27 years and has litigated many complex cases and frequently represented his clients before administrative agencies in China.  He also counsels clients and provides legal services in all areas of intellectual property (“IP”) including licensing, dispute resolutions before administrative and judicial authorities, patent law, trademark law, copyright law, trade secrets, unfair competition, domain name disputes, and patent prosecution.

    Christopher has been actively involved in the legislative process in China relating to IP laws and regulations and is a frequent speaker/panelist on patent litigation, trademark enforcementand technology transfer issues at various world leading conferences and seminars.

    Christopher has been honored by AsiaLaw for a consecutive number of years as the leading practitioner in IP litigation area in China. During his recent nomination, he has received the following comments from one of his clients, a fortune 500 company – “Christopher Shaowei from NTD is a well-respected patent litigator. Clients like his execution, pro-activeness and creativity. He consistently brings new and creative approaches to resolving our issues. These kinds of skills and acumen are so lacking and rare in typical China law firms.”


    Fei KOU

    Dr. Kou joined NTD as a patent attorney in 2014 and handled patent filings and prosecuting cases. He became a patent litigator in 2016 and has been providing legal services relating to patent invalidation, administrative litigation, civil litigation, FTO search, IP strategy consulting, patent validity & infringement analysis, etc. in various practice areas including biotechnology, chemistry, pharmaceuticals etc..

    Before joining NTD, Dr. Kou started his career as a patent examiner in State Intellectual Property Office of the P.R.C., where he received professional training of IP and handled hundreds of patent examination on medical apparatus, analytical and detecting instruments, biological detection, etc. for four years.