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    CNIPA Unleashed Intellectual Property Statistics in Q3 of 2021


    Source: CNIPA

    On July 14, 2021, the China National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA) held a regular briefing on intellectual property statistics in Q3, covering the areas of patent, trademark, geographical indications (GI) and layout designs of integrated circuit, through which the latest developments of IP work have been reflected. 

    According to the statistics, China’s IP work has been proceeded by steady steps, and the main indicators were in line with the forecast. 



    From January to June, 339,000 invention patents were granted. By the end of June, 3,324,000 invention patents are in force, in which 2,454,000 were filed by the domestic applicants (Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan excluded) (+23% year-on-year growth). 

    CNIPA received 33,300 PCT international applications (+12.6% year-on-year growth).

    From January to June, 1, 327, 000 patents for utility model were granted; 393, 000 patents for design were granted. 

    28,400 patent reexaminations were closed, and 4, 300 requests for invalidation were closed. 


    From January to June, 3,724,000 trademarks were registered in China. By the end of June, 33,548,000 trademarks are in force (+22.4% year-on-year growth). 

    CNIPA received 2,954 Madrid international applications. 

    From January to June, 82,000 trademark oppositions were closed, and 188,000 cases were heard. 

    Geographical Indications

    From January to June, CNIPA allowed 87 GI products, 254 GIs to be registered as collective trademarks, and certification trademarks, 3,355 market entities to use GIs. 

    By the end of June, the GI products totaled up 2,478. A total of 6,339 GIs are allowed to be registered as collective trademarks and certification trademarks. 

    A total of 12,789 market entities are allowed to use GIs. 

    Layout Designs of Integrated Circuit

    From January to June, 7,629 layout designs of integrated circuit were certificated, which maintained a fast growth. 

    The Use and Protection of IPR

    From January to June, the provinces (districts and cities) of China handled 13,800 administrative adjudications of patent disputes. The amount of patent and trademark pledge financing reached 10.74 billion RMB (+25.9% year-on-year growth), covering 6,195 projects (+32.4% year-on-year growth). The amount of patent pledge financing reached 86.2 billion RMB (+32.4% year-on-year growth), covering 698 projects (+ 37.7 year-on-year growth). 

    Main Characteristics: 

    1.The efficiency of examination has been improved. 

    The grants of patents, trademarks and layout designs of integrated circuits have sustained faster growths, indicating more innovations created by the market entities. The reform of streamlining administration and delegating power, improving regulation, and upgrading services has contributed to improve the quality and efficiency of examination. 

    By the end of June, the average examination period of invention patents has been reduced to 19.4 months. The examination period of high-value patents has been reduced to 13.4 months. The average examination period of trademark registrations has been reduced within 4 months. 

    2.The number of enterprises owning invention patents has steadily increased. 

    By the end of June, 270,000 domestic enterprises own the invention patents in force, with an increase of 24,000, in which 126,000 high-tech enterprises own 1.077 million invention patents in force, accounting for 62.3% of the total.

    3.The number of IP applications filed by the foreign applicants has continued to increase. 

    From January to June, 54,000 invention patents filed by the foreign applicants were granted (+30.0% year-on-year growth). 90,000 applications of trademarks filed by the foreign applicants were registered in China (+7.5% year-on-year growth), in which the grants of invention patents filed by the American applicants increased by 35.0% year over year, and the trademark registrations filed by the American applicants increased by 8.9% year over year. 

    The growths indicate that the foreign enterprises are increasingly confident for the business environment of China and willing to operate their IP layouts in China.