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    Trademark Office of CNIPA Introduced Four Measures to Improve Trademark Pledge Registrations


    Source: Trademark Office of China National Intellectual Property Administration

    In order to further improve the trademark pledge service, the Trademark Office of China National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA) introduced the following measures:

    1. Providing the Consulting and Search Services 

    The Trademark Office entrusts the local trademark windows to provide consulting and search services for the applicants filing trademark pledge registrations. 

    In respect to the questions on the formalities, the application documents, the applicant can get answers by calling the hotline or communicating with the staff face to face. 

    The staff at the window shall make preliminary examinations on the documents, and the applications of the similar or identical trademarks submitted by the applicants. In respect to the applications in doubt, or the large number of similar trademarks, the staffs at the window shall fill in the Trademark Pledge Application Form and transfer them to the staff from the Trademark Office. 

    2. Improving the Efficiency of Service

    The first inquiry accountability system shall be performed at the windows of handling the trademark pledge registrations. The applicants shall be notified with the required information at one time. The time wasted by the misleading guidance shall be absolutely prohibited. The specific, high-efficiency and convenient service shall be provided to the applicants in need, so that they can communicate with the staff from the Office in time to tackle the knotty problems. 

    The staff from the Office shall handle the applications in due time, and especially those up to the regulations shall be handled within two workdays. 

    3. Providing Green Chanel for Fast Registrations

    If the applicant wants to file a fast registration, he shall submit a request with the specific reasons. The staff at the window will communicate with the Office to allow the fast registration if the situations are true.

    The green channel will be initiated if the application meets the requirements, and the application will be handled on that day. 

    4. Improving the Professional Abilities 

    The staffs at the window shall take part in multiple professional trainings. The local offices of handling trademark pledge registrations shall ensure the time of vocational study. 

    The staffs shall learn the related laws and regulations to improve their professional abilities and service, including the Trademark Law, Provisions on the Registration Procedure of the Pledge of the Exclusive Use Right to Registered Trademark, Provisions on the Registration of Receiving the Trademark Pledge.