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    China holding46.4% of Global Patent Filings

    2019/10/18|Industry News

    Source: China Economic Net

    The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) released World Intellectual Property Indicators 2019 (WIPI 2019) on October 16. The global filings of patents, trademarks and industrial designs hit a new record high, among which the filings from Asia took up over two-thirds of the global total. China held the front-runner status in multiple indicators, and will continue to promote the overall growth of the global needs for intellectual property.

    On the pre-held news briefing, “China” was a high-frequency word in the introduction from the publisher and in the questions from the reporters. Both Francis Gurry, Director General of WIPO, and Carsten Fink, Chief Economist of WIPO repeatedly highlighted China’s prominent position in the development of global intellectual property. Mr. Gurry said, in 2018, Asia continued to outpace other regions in the filings for patent, trademark, industrial design and other IP applications, and China accounted for almost half of global patent applications, and India also made a significant growth. Asia has apparently grown as a global hub for innovation.

    According to the figures, China led the way in the global patent applications. In 2018, the patent applications received in China reached to a record 1.54 million, 46.4% of the global total, which was “similar in magnitude to the combined total of the offices ranked 2 through 11”. China was followed by US (597,000), Japan (313,400), Korea (210,000) and European countries (174,000). The top 5 accounted for 85.3% of the total applications.

    The figures showed that Asia had become a global hub for patent applications, and also cemented Asia’s primacy in global patent filings, with the receiving two-thirds (66.8%) of all applications filed worldwide in 2018, up from 50.8% in 2008 thanks to economic growth in China. The patent filings in North America took up one-fifths of the global total (19%) in 2018, and European took up over one-tens (10.9%), and Africa, Latin America, Caribbean and Oceania respectively took up 3.3% of the global total.