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    2018 National Intellectual Property Development Status Evaluation Report: China Accelerates Intellectual Property Utilization

    2019/6/26|Industry News

    In recent days, the Intellectual Property Development Research Center (IPDRC) of National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA) released 2018 National Intellectual Property Development Status Evaluation Report (hereinafter referred to as “the Report”). The Index System for Evaluating National Intellectual Property (IP) Development and the Index System for Comparing the International Intellectual Property (IP) Development were compiled in the Report in accordance with the common quantitative analysis rules. The first system was composed of 4 first class indexes, 11 second class indexes, 55 third class indexes; the latter one was composed of 3 first class indexes, 9 second class indexes, and 33 third class indexes. It was revealed in the report that, the 2018 Comprehensive Development Index (CDI) reached to 257.4 (compared with the 100 in 2010), with a striking increase of 17.9% from the year of 2017. In respect to the sub-indexes, the IP Creation Index, the IP Utilization Index, the IP Protection Index, and the IP Environment Index respectively reached to 249.3, 234.8, 274.3 and 271.3, up 15.2%, 28.5%, 17.8% and 12.5% from the previous year. In respect to the Index System for Comparing the International Intellectual Property (IP) Development, by the calculation method of this year, China’s CDI ranking rose to 8th from 13th, marking a greater development.

    Compared with the IP creation, the IP protection and the IP environment, China’s IP utilization made a significant progress in 2018. The quantity of the regions below 50 scores further declined from the year of 2017, and the regions saw farther expanded scale of IP utilization. The utilization efficiency of all regions of the country was generally promoted, especially the top regions of the ranking. For example, the utilization efficiency of Guangdong and Jiangsu provinces broke through 80, which was a symbol of the close connection between the IP utilization and the economic life. In recent years, China had been committing itself to establishing a chain consisting IP creation, utilization, protection and management in such multiple measures as setting up mechanisms, building platforms and promoting industries to elevate the level of IP utilization. The above-mentioned measures also provided convenience with the domestic innovation entities for the IP creation and protection from the perspective of the comprehensive market benefits, further strengthened China’s IP comprehensive utilization ability, and made the utilization efficiency grow rapidly. 

    The Report also revealed some deficiencies of China’s IP development. Firstly, the quality of IP creation shall be promoted. The quality index of IP creation of the most regions was lower than the quantity index and the efficiency index. For example, the contributions of the quality index to the creation index did not reach to 100%, the standard value. Secondly, the regions’ development still maintained unbalanced. The comprehensive indexes of 8 western regions were below 60, in a stair-like contrast to those of the eastern regions with advantages. Thirdly, the external environment for IP development was improved, but still fell short in some aspects. Compared with 40 major countries around the world, China’s IP Environment Index fell behind the IP Capacity Index and IP Productivity Index in rankings for years, which indicated that we shall make more efforts in constructing a favorable business environment for IP development. 




    [1] In consideration of the objective circumstance that the international data is outdated to the national data, the time window of the Index System for Comparing the International Intellectual Property (IP) Development is the year of 2017.