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Ministry of Public Security implements “Spring Thunder Action” against IP infringement

During the 2017 Cloud Action by the Ministry of Public Security against economic crimes, a two-month long “Spring Thunder Action” (hereinafter referred to as “the action”) is to be done for intellectual property in some key industries, including daily chemical products, women and children products, clothes and bags, automobile parts, printing supplies, electrical and mechanical materials. The action will also intensify inspections of markets during New Year’ Day and the Spring Festival holidays.

It is noted that at present, many criminal networks have not been cut off yet, and the sales of counterfeit goods are sill prominent in certain industries and regions. Therefore, the action will take aim at various types of intellectual property crimes, crack down on crimes that harm public interests and impede enterprise innovation, and make infringers pay a heavy price. Starting with the action, public security departments will also dig out criminal dens, destroy the whole criminal chains, and severely punish criminals to curb the spreading of such crimes in future.


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