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274,800 piracy links removed in Sword Net 2017 special action

The statistics from National Copyright Administration show that, in the Sword Net 2017 special action (hereinafter the special action), about 55,000 websites were inspected, 1,655 infringing websites were shut down, some 274,800 piracy links were removed, approximately 1.51 million infringing articles were confiscated, 314 online infringing cases were filed, and 37 criminal cases were handled together with the public security department.

It is noted that China has launched 13 Sword Net actions since 2005, mainly focusing on film and television works, news works, apps and e-commerce platforms to strike and deter online infringement.

Examples of the major cases in 2017 include: infringement case of “吉吉影院” with the defendant sentenced to three years and six months in prison plus a fine of 400,000 Yuan; the infringement case of “Xunbo”, in which the website illegally released over 30,000 films and television works, and the key suspects made illegal profits of more than 8 million Yuan; the app case of “汇智赢家” with a fine of 100,000 Yuan; the app piracy case of live television on mobiles, an app that aggregated 146 television channels home and abroad; the pirated book case of “剑锋时代” in which Zhao was sentenced to three years in prison plus a fine of 800,000 Yuan.


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