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11,788 trademark infringement cases handled by industry and commerce departments in the first half of 2017

According to the work briefing on the fight against infringement and counterfeits released by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce, in the first half of 2017, the administrations for industry and commerce across the country handled 11,788 trademark infringement cases with the total value of 126,378,000 Yuan, and 63 cases were transferred to judicial departments.

Among these cases, Tianjin Market and Quality Supervision Administration investigated the case concerning infringement of registered trademarks of “一得阁”and “北京”, and 1,107 infringing goods were seized.

Shanxi Administration for Industry & Commerce, coordinated with Guangdong Administration for Industry & Commerce and the public security department, seized 252 counterfeited “太钢牌”steel coils, with the weight of about 1,600 tons and value of 54 million Yuan. Now the case is being handled through judicial process.

In Jiangsu Province, the enforcement officers from provincial, municipal and county level acted jointly and destroyed a den for manufacturing and selling counterfeit automobile parts and tracked down about 2,700 auto parts which infringed the trademarks of “一汽”, “解放” and “LDB”. The cases have been transferred to public security department.

In Zhejiang, Jiaxing Market Supervision Office handled the serial cases regarding the infringement of trademark “KOHLER” with the value of over 2.6 million Yuan.

In Fujian, after the media report on faked shoes in Putian was published, the enforcement officers investigated the reported areas on the same night, handled 5 infringement cases and seized 210 pairs (pieces) of products. During the spot check of the surrounding hubs, a total of 3 infringement cases were found and more than 1,500 pairs of counterfeit shoes were seized.

In Xiamen, , Market Supervision Commission Together with the public security department investigated and obtained a large amount of counterfeit cosmetics regarding Givenchy, La Mer, Kiehl’s, Jo Malone, Fresh and SK-II with the value of over 20 million Yuan. 3 sites were banned for business and distribution.

In Shandong, according to the complaints from Hebei Yangyuan Zhihui Drinks Stock Co., Ltd, Shandong Administration for Industry & Commerce inspected three suspected infringing companies, and seized 7,790 boxes of products which infringed the trademark of “六个核桃”.


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