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China will launch first special action to protect IPR of foreign enterprise

At a recent press conference, it is announced that the Ministry of Commerce will carry out the first special action for protection of the intellectual property rights of foreign companies. This action will focus on three aspects: highlighting the protection of business secrets, the main problem brought by foreign enterprises; investigating the acts of malicious registration and free-ride on famous brands to protect the trademarks; and handling infringement and piracy in internet. The specific plan of the action will follow soon.

The action is a reflection of practical IP measure for the Notification on Several Measures to Promote Foreign Investments (the notification) by the State Council. The notification was released earlier this month, and it is proposed to enhance the intellectual property protection of foreign-invested enterprises, launch special actions to fix those IP related issues such as on-line piracy and patent and trademark infringement as well as upholding the level of punishment.


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