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Online store may be fined up to 2 million Yuan for click farming  2017-11-9
China is in urgent need of overseas trademark protection mechanism  2017-11-7
China will launch focused action to strike counterfeits during double-eleven shopping festival  2017-11-3
Granted invention patents from colleges and universities accounted for over 1/5 in China  2017-10-30
11,788 trademark infringement cases handled by industry and commerce departments in the first half of 2017  2017-10-25
The Hangzhou and Ningbo IP Courts formally established  2017-10-10
China’s first center for protecting innovation is established in Shenzhen  2017-9-28
NTD attorney received an award "Excellent paper on the seventh Intellectual Property Forum in 2017"  2017-9-20
NTD gave presentation in the Chinese Enterprises’ IP Protection Overseas Forum  2017-9-20
NTD hosted round-table seminar against trademark squatting  2017-9-19
Unfair competition case by NTD was selected as “2016-2017 Typical Trademark Cases”  2017-9-18
NTD won the 2017 Excellent Trademark Agency Award  2017-9-17
NCAC required for complete authorization of music distribution  2017-9-14
China will launch first special action to protect IPR of foreign enterprise  2017-9-8
WRIGLEY won the “益达” trademark dispute retrial case at the Supreme Court  2017-9-4
Patent pledge financing amounted to 31.8 billion Yuan in the first half of 2017  2017-8-30
China’s first court of the internet inaugurated in Hangzhou  2017-8-25
China will promote the IP strategy for medium and small enterprises  2017-8-21
13 provinces and cities jointly fight against big data counterfeits  2017-8-17
China will enhance the research on judicial protection in emerging fields  2017-8-14
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